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Churning of makkhan (White butter) During early dawn (Brahma mahurat)

Bilona Method of Churning to and froslowly to separate butter from the liquids

Recycling baked cow dung cakes as fuel

Clarifying makkhan over firewood



Pure, Natural Goodness

Jahal Organic offers products derived from traditional methods, free from additives or artificial substances, ensuring the highest quality and purity.

Ethical & Sustainable

Supporting Jahal Organic means contributing to the preservation of indigenous cow breeds and empowering local communities through fair employment opportunities.

Trusted Tradition

With a commitment to time-honored practices and a focus on customer satisfaction, Jahal Organic delivers authentic products that reflect the richness of our cultural heritage.

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Organic Product

Normal ghee available in market is made from cream. This cream is obtained from milk collected in mass from villages. Thus there is no control on quality of milk, the feeding of cows. Also, it is not the method recommended in Ayurveda.

In our Vedic Ghee making, Milk from free pasture grazing Gir cows is the most important ingredient.

100% natural, chemical and preservatives free milk is then cultured using traditional curd as starter culture.

The highly nutritional curd is then churned in early morning hours, using a wooden churner called “Bilona” to obtain the finerst quality butter.

The butter is slowly simmered on mild fire to remove milk solids and prepare 100% pure A2 Vedic Ghee .

Indigenous Zebu cattle contain A2 genetics. They produce milk rich in A2 protein, which gives high nutritional benefits to the body.

Every state in India has its own native A2 cow breeds, evolved over thousands of years to live in that area specific climate. These cows have best immunity levels and does not need any hormonal or chemical supports like foreign A1 breeds, that face lot of difficulty in living naturally in Indian climate.

Thus, mostly only A2 local breeds can give pure hormone free and chemical free milk, essential for making Vedic Ghee.

Yes. The Ghee we provide is absolutely organic and preferable to be consumed to stay healthy. We challange the Ghee to be organic in the event of any lab test.

The Ghee is made from makkhan.

Vedic Ghee preparation insists on use of only ethically obtained forest grazing native cow’s milk in ghee making.

we follow the process as described above, is strictly to offer only the finest A2 Vedic Ghee to your family.

Every batch of Jahal’s A2 Vedic Ghee comes with purity test report, so that you can know more about purity parameters and nutritional value of Vedic Ghee you have ordered.

Gir cow’s are world famous breed of Indian desi cows. Known for their docile and loving nature, they are the backbone of pastoralist economies of Gujarat.

Gir cows are among the best milk breeds of India among Sahiwal, Kankrej, Tharparkar, Red sindhi etc.

Producing very high quality milk, they graze in plain as well as normal hilly areas with ease.

Yes. They are treated with love, care and respect. cows have year round access to grazing pastures. They are free to roam & eat freely and they love being free with their family members.

The two things that will affect the stability of ghee during storage are moisture and sunlight.

One of the great qualities of ghee is its inherent shelf stability.

But we request you to keep few things in mind.

1. when you use your ghee, use a clean, dry utensil to obtain your desired serving.
2. Replace the lid as soon as possible.
3. Be careful no to let any moisture get into the jar.
4. Sunlight will cause ghee to oxidize and lose its nourishing properties.
5. We recommend keeping unopened jars in a cool, dark, temperature stable place.
6. Opened jars can be kept in a cabinet, away from light for up to 3 months, or refrigerated for up to a year after you open them.

The word “Bilona” comes from the wooden beater which was used in ancient times to churn out butter from the curd. We’ve broken down this process into several steps, let’s take a look at it: Step 1: Procurement and boiling

Gir Cows who are fed 100% natural fodder. The first step is to procure the healthy A2 Gir Cow’s Milk and boil it over the firewoods. This is a long process of boiling which is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, this disinfects the milk and makes it completely safe for consumption. Secondly, it makes the A2 milk more concentrated.

Step 2: Curdling of Milk

This boiled milk is then cooled down and a spoonful of curd called jamavan is then added to the milk. Overnight, the milk is kept inside an earthen pot and gets converted into curd.

Step 3: Churning

A wooden churner called “Bilona” is used to churn the curd to get fermented makkhan (butter), this is the most important step of the whole process. This is a lengthy process that ends in the separation of curd into butter and buttermilk.

Step 4: Separation

After churning, the buttermilk is separated and we get makkhan floating on top. This makkhan can now be used to produce A2 Desi Vedic Ghee

Step 5: Heating

At a medium temperature, the makkhan is then melted by heating firewood in a container. In this boiling process, a visible solid layer is formed after a while indicating that A2 Ghee is about to be ready. At this point, one can smell the real aroma of organic cow ghee as it turns yellow-golden. Finally, this golden liquid is filtered through a strainer and stored in Jars.

 Grass-fed Vedic Ghee increases the digestion of food you eat. Its aroma increases the deliciousness of your daily food. Grass-fed Vedic ghee has more concentrated micronutrients and provides you a healthier ratio of Omega-3 to Omega -6 fats. High amount of Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in grass-fed ghee has been proven to have anti cancer properties.Itcontains antioxidants & vitamins

 Keeps the heart-healthy

 Good for the digestive health

 Has healing & detoxifying properties

 Contains essential fatty acids

 Improves the growth of the kids and many more


No. There is no food color or any aesthetic additive in Ghee. It’s color is totally natural.


Ayurvedic Process

Made from Organic A2 milk with Ancient Bilona Method.

100% Organic

Made from organic grassfed Gir cow's A2 milk.

Made from A2 Milk

Pure Hand Churned Organic A2 Ghee with Wooden Churner.

Ethical Milking

Managed by experts and cows are feds only organic grass.

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Jahal Organic's commitment to ethical farming practices and community empowerment is truly commendable. It's heartening to support a company that prioritizes both quality and social responsibility.
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As someone who values tradition and authenticity, Jahal Organic's offerings resonate deeply with me. Their dedication to preserving ancient techniques ensures that each product is infused with history and heritage
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Jahal Organic's ghee is simply divine! It adds a luxurious touch to everything from my morning toast to decadent desserts. I wouldn't dream of using any other brand

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