Now you can do a Mini-Havan at home/office daily. Jahal’s Natural Cow Dung Dhup Sticks. Cow and its products are part of everyday Hindu life, mainly because of the way it boosts health and well-being and strengthens immunity. The purifying and antiseptic properties of the cow dung, also finds multiple uses in our everyday life and worship. One such use is of the Dhoop sticks. When cow ghee is poured on burning dry cow dung, it creates a phenomenal amount of oxygen, which can fight pollution effectively and make the environment more pleasant and liveable. Dhoop sticks or have a place in every household, mainly for the aroma they spread. But this wasn’t its prime purpose, and our ancestors had a more scientific reason for the use of Dhoopsticks at home.

The organic and real incense sticks were made using the Panchgavya. Free from harmful chemicals, it is said to create a positive aura and cleanse the environment.

It is also effective in driving away mosquitos Dhoop sticks has anti septic properties, which can be used to protect plants from insects. These also tend to have ample medicinal and therapeutic properties like healing asthma, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, bronchitis, and digestive problems, etc… all of which also have a cure in aroma therapy.

The incense sticks are also very effective in boosting focus and concentration, which is why monks and sages across civilizations have made this an integral part of their monastery and worship places. There are many fragrant Dhoopsticks available in the market, which are made using coal and other artificial fragrances, which do offer a soothing effect, but are harmful when inhaled.

Our dhoop sticks are made of Desi Gir cow dung, Desi A2 Ghee, Bhimseni Camphor, Pure Coconut Oil, Gugal, and 40 different herbs with a rich natural fragrance. Dhoop sticks from cow dung are chemical-free and have no harmful inhalers. The cow dung dhoop batti has almost all the benefits of performing Agnihotra Yagna and helps in creating an aesthetic and spiritual environment around you.

• 100% Natural Cow Dung Dhoop Batti made of Desi Cow’s Dung and mixture of herbs.

• Experience positive and 100% chemical-free surroundings with our dhoop batti.

• It helps in creating a safe environment and helps in eliminating mosquitoes.

• The ashes also can be put in your home plants which act as manure.

• Holder/ Dhoop stand also included in the box.

• The Dhoop sticks are prepared using pure cow dung and ghee to create the aura and scent of a yagna in your house.

• These Dhoop Sticks are hand-made, and its lighting places the skills of conducting a mini-havan in your very own hands.

• The Organic ingredients used to make these sticks are the same as “Havan-Aahuti”.

• Dhoop is ideally burnt at sun-set to cleanse the air at home, especially recommended for dwellings which are shut through the day.

• The purpose of burning dhoop batti is to purify the bad air. 

• The holy smoke prevents unwanted bad energy and bad spirit from entering home.

• It helps drive away mosquitoes and bad odours.


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