At Jahalorganic, we are dedicated to promoting the timeless products derived from cows in our society. With an awareness that the benefits of our traditional products are fading, we strive to revive the purity and organic essence of these offerings from our farm. Our mission is clear: to provide society with natural alternatives, free from additives, preservatives, or any artificial substances commonly found in the market today.

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For years, we’ve been deeply involved in promoting organic production, safeguarding cows, and bolstering indigenous cow populations. The waning awareness of the advantages our traditional products offer motivates us to redouble our efforts. By championing the old-world charm of organic farming and the preservation of cows, we aim to steer society away from artificial products.

The products we offer – Milk, Ghee, Dhoop sticks, Gau Mutra Ark, and Cow Dung Cakes – are inherently natural. Our 850+ desi cows roam acres of open land from dawn till dusk, ensuring their robust health. In the pastures of Abdasa City in Kutch, where our cows graze, no chemicals or medicines have ever tainted the landscape.

Jahal Farm’s endeavors are not merely business-driven; they are a testament to our commitment to saving native cows and supporting local cattle rearers and farmers. We implore society to embrace the principles outlined in our Vedas – to live simply, consume organically, live long, and find happiness.

Pure, aromatic, versatile, health-enhancing ghee

Jahal's Mathod of Making Vedic Ghee The Most Versatile Ingredient in your kitchen - THE GHEE

Jahalorganic’s Vedic Ghee is crafted using a traditional method, resulting in pure, aromatic ghee with numerous health benefits. It’s a versatile staple for every kitchen, perfect for cooking and Ayurvedic remedies alike.

Desi Gir Cows
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